• From Africa To The World”! Mobile Game Developer Abiola Olaniran Of Gamsole

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  • Apart from bringing the world to our fingertips, a Smartphone is also a medium of entertainment and one of the ways it does this is through games.

    Abiola Olaniran is one of the individuals making sure that these games are available for our use. He does this full time at Gamsole, a Nigerian-born mobile game production company which aims to take Africa’s mobile game development industry to the World.

    He has been described as “the most successful game developer in Nige...

  • Tanzania: Boy (6) Creates Computer Game

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  • The six-year-old child, Ethan Yona, a first grader, launched an android app that features a superhero character called Ethan Man who talks about his ambitions.

    He launched the App at Jakata Kikwete play ground at Kidongo Chekundu during celebrations to mark the Day of the African Child.

    The character that is based on himself is super talented, writes inspirational books, creates learning games and takes kids on multi learning journeys.

    Speaking with journal...

  • Tunisia: A New Frontier For African Startups

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  • “Tunisia is emerging as the next eHealth hub and may just give Kenya and South Africa a run for its money.”

    It’s the age of the startup, and the business-savvy are identifying local solutions to global problems. The next big thing may be lurking in a small Kenyan back office or in a Tunisian coffee shop – ready to join Africa’s extensive startup ecosystem with a healthy investment.

    Western solutions have long been used for African problems, but with vastl...

  • EA Opens 'SEED' Game Tech Research Division

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  • U.S. publishing giant EA has opened a new game tech research division called 'SEED.'

    The new outfit will be housed within EA Worldwide Studios, and will be tasked with searching for extraordinary experiences (hence the acyonym) and developing new game technologies.

    There's not a lot else to report at the moment, other than SEED will have two offices in Stockholm and Los Angeles -- both of which are currently staffing up.

  • Coding Could Be The Answer To Africa's Children Creating Their Own Jobs

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  • One way to define Africa's challenge is a lot of us do not know how to embed ourselves in the world economy, provide innovatively and freely without trying to rope in perceived gatekeepers. Online shipping systems that quote buyers Instantly to anywhere in the world at the backdrop of the South African Post Office have 'going concern' challenges, there are a number of local courier companies mushrooming. Interesting! I am still not over the pain SAPO cost my book business last year when they wen...