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  • Forget about Disney land welcome to the CREA8 ARENA! The world is moving fast into a digital Age and so should our children, according to research by the ACCA creative activities such as Robotics, Coding and Design grow the child IQ by over 13%. Also subjects like math which are often difficult for teens and kids when put in a creative framework appear much easier to them. The Verdict! Creativity is the future of the African child!

    The Verdict! Creativity is the future of the Africa...

  • UN And Africa Teen Geeks Hosting Youth Hackathon To Build Crime-fighting Solutions

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  • The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Education for Justice (E4J) initiative has teamed up with local youth coding programme, Africa Teen Geeks,to host a youth hackathon to build solutions dealing with crime issues in South Africa.

    E4J, part of the Doha Declaration Global Programme, works to raise awareness and to educate the public at primary, secondary and university levels about core UNODC-mandated areas: crime prevention, criminal justice and the rule of law.

  • FunRock Opens Office In Egypt To Further Develop Mobile Gaming Industry In Middle East.

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  • FunRock, a Swedish-based mobile strategy games development company, has chosen Egypt as the location for its first office in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), further positioning itself as a burgeoning industry leader in high-quality, strategic mobile game development.

    “By choosing Egypt as the location for our first international office, we’re seeking to establish a bridge between the talented engineers and developers in Europe and those in Egypt,” said Magdy Shehata, co-f...

  • Overwatch Doomfist PTR Launch Live As Blizzard Reveal All On New Hero

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  • THE OVERWATCH Doomfist PTR launch is now live on PC, with the character's beef backstory now confirmed by Blizzard.

    The Overwatch Doomfist PTR update has been launched by Blizzard, with new patch notes expected soon.

    The main draw will be Doomfist, who was revealed today by the development team and has been revealed as one of the top leaders of Talon, who hails from Nigeria.

    The beefy backstory can be found below for Akande Ogund...

  • Game Publisher GameMine Inks A $20 Million Partnership With South Africa’s Vodacom

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  • On the heels of a $20 million funding round last month, the new game publishing company GameMine has inked its first big deal with a global carrier.

    The company has partnered with the South Africa mobile carrier Vodacom Group to bring GameMine’s subscription-based mobile games to the South African market.

    More than 175 GameMine titles will be distributed to Vodacom subscribers ad-free and free of charge during a promotional trial period.

    “GameMine recog...