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  • Gamevice for Android Best for: Switch devotees

    The name is apt even if the spelling isn't; this controller grips my phone like a vise. A flat cable linking the two halves runs along the back, and the sides snap together nicely (magnetically) for storage. The built-in USB-C plug provides a latency-free connection to a Samsung Galaxy or Pixel phone. The setup, with the screen dead-center, was awesome for racing games like Riptide GP and will feel familiar to fans of Nintendo Switch (...

  • Qualcomm, Vivo, And Tencent Push On-Device AI For Mobile Gaming

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  • Qualcomm is teaming up with Vivo and Tencent (both Tencent Honor of Kings and the Tencent AI Lab) to bring better gaming experiences to mobile devices. The four parties will collaborate on “Project Imagination,” which will leverage the 4th Generation Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence Engine to drive on-device AI innovation.

    As it relates to gaming, the new partnership will move gaming AI from the cloud to the device, thereby improving the performance of mobile games, including comple...

  • China Outlines New Approval Process For World's Top Games Market

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  • Chinese regulators have sketched out new requirements for videogame approvals following a year of scrutiny, providing more clarity to Tencent Holdings Ltd. and other players struggling with a crackdown in the world’s largest gaming market.

    The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television issued notices on April 19 that detailed the documentation and processes required to get games approved for release in the country. Among other things, publishers will now...

  • Sony Cracks Down On Sexually Explicit Content In Games Move Reflects Concerns In The U.S. About The Depiction Of Women, But It Angers Developers In Ja

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  • TOKYO— Sony Corp. SNE 1.35% is cracking down on sexual content in PlayStation 4 videogames globally, reflecting concerns in the U.S. about the depiction of women in games but also irritating some software developers.

    New in-house standards that limit sexually explicit content distinguish Sony from other game-hardware makers that allow more leeway as long as the software carries a rating from a national industry body.

    A Sony spokeswoman said the company has established i...

  • International Mobile Gaming Awards Continues To Celebrate Indies In Its 15th Year

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  • Above: Maarten Noyons is the founder of the International Mobile Game Awards. Image Credit: IMGA

    It took a lot of vision in 2004 to appreciate mobile games as works of art that were worthy of an awards show. But in its 15th year, the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) has become a celebration of what has become the best games in the largest segment of the game business.

    The IMGA continues to celebrate indie games and lone artists who show great creat...