Representing all aspects of the video games space, WAGE is your opportunity to showcase products, debut technologies and align your brand with the future of video games.
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With its focus fixed on video games, WAGE is where product launches happen, ground-breaking technologies are debuted and news is made.
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About Wage

I think WAGE will bring more power and visibility to the industry

Johana Riquier Unity Technologies

WAGE 14 is a great start to what the Nigerian gaming industry needs. They are bringing gamers together to share ideas & linking them with the right companies to promote their games.

Looking forward to WAGE15. - Emeka Okocha CO founder uSabi Games

It was our first time attending the West African Gaming Expo which took in place in Lagos Nigeria on the 9th of November 2016. it was really impressive. We got to meet with and interact with creative minds and gamers from different age groups. we also got the chance to exhibit a playable version of Throne of gods at the event which received a very warm response from alot of people. We were highly encouraged. Thanks to WAGE for their support. The gaming industry is yearning to erupt in this part of the world , its only a matter of time and WAGE is a highly essential platform for this. For it is creating the necessary recognition and awareness it needs.

WAGE can only get bigger. - Co founder black ring games

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