Mzito : Awaken Africa

Developed by Ahere

Mzito : Awaken Africa

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The Story The Lions are asleep. They have been asleep for too long. The Spirits of Africa sought an end to this darkness, thus, they sacrificed a piece of themselves and created the first two Mzito. Mzito is a 2D faller platformer adventure game.You play as one of the first two Mzito and go on an epic adventure to save Africa across 15 majestic locations. It is your duty to purge the ancient corruption and begin the new awakening. Find out more here: The Sleeping Lions This game is made to inspire Africa. In our own way, we are all a version of Mzito, with the potential of awakening Africa through our talents, skills and ideas. We all want a bright future for Africa and Mzito embodies exactly that. The Mzito Universe The Mzito Universe centres around cultural and semi-fictional characters that are chosen by Ancient African spirits. These Spirits symbolize the pillars of African culture and guide these characters through their journeys. These characters are called the “Mzito”. The universe takes inspiration from African culture, traditions, art, beliefs, history and mythology and depicts normal human societal challenges through an epic adventure to Save and Unite Africa. You can find more info on these ancient spirits here: The Acient Spirits Of Africa Follow Us On Mzito Blog : Twitter . @Mzito_Dev : Facebook . @Mzitodev : Instagram . @mzito_dev : Mzito Development :

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