The Business Of Gaming In Africa
  • The Business Of Gaming In Africa

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  • The worldwide gaming industry is set to generate revenues of over 100 billion dollars by the end of 2016. With mobile gaming responsible for over 40 billion of revenue generated. In a nation like Nigeria where we have over 146,866,356 active mobile phone lines, the search for more entertaining content by mobile phone users is growing.

    We have seen the boom of the music industry, witnessed Nollywood take over the world, and now the final frontier in entertainment is predicted to be Mobile and Online Gaming.

    Nigeria is a diverse multi-ethnic country with about a total of 170 million in population as of 2016. A country like Nigeria with so much diversity and culture is consecrated with traditional games and activities that existed before western colonization.

    Author: Jokotola Adetunmbi For WAGE 16

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