IDreamSky, Sviper To Bring 'Wild City Rush' To China
  • IDreamSky, Sviper To Bring 'Wild City Rush' To China

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  • German developer Sviper has teamed up with iDreamSky to bring Wild City Rush to China, with the deal seeing the launch of a culturally localized version of the game.

    "The Greater China region is the world's biggest mobile games market and has a great promise to continue its growth in the next years," Michael Reichert, founder of Sviper, said.

    "With its huge casual game experience, hundreds of distribution channels and device manufacturers, iDreamSky is the perfect distribution partner for Wild City Rush in China," he said, adding that iDreamSky will help boost the game's brand awareness and expand Sviper's global reach.

    Wild City Rush was launched in 2016 in several territories. Earlier this year, it inked a deal with Maysalward, a game developer and published in Jordan, to release the game in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Meanwhile, the latest deal marks Sviper's first foray in the Chinese market. The news also follows just after iDreamSky allocated a $30 million fund to produce indie games worldwide. iDreamSky has previous experience from publishing indie games. It signed a deal in February 2015 to be the publisher of ustwo's hit game Monument Valley, which reached a staggering 30 million downloads in China.

    "We invested 30 million dollars in a special fund to help the world's outstanding independent game developers express their creativity and achieve their dreams," Anfernee Guan, iDreamSky's CTO, said, adding that the company aims to find the next Monument Valley.

    With the abundant operational experience, large data analysis capabilities, a huge number of user base, and an expertise on the China Mobile market, iDreamSky aims to help independent game developers globally through funding, technology, promotion, and comprehensive support to fully realize their ambitions.

    iDreamSky is a fast-growing tech company established in 2011 in Shenzhen, China. Its business operations include mobile games, advertising, and value added services to intellectual property rights management.

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