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  • The WAGE 14 developers conference covered subject such as "Gaming infrastructure" "Mobile gaming logistics and distribution chanels" "Governemnt and ICT" and many others.

    The event got off to a slow start but quickly became an engaged and successful event with people asking interesting questions to understate the state of the Nigerian gaming industry and its future. The sessions were organised in a panel style fashion, with speakers in each round speaking one after the other and ending with a panel session where the audience asked questions and contributed to the discussions.

    The first round started with Mr Damola from Main One cable, who gave a detailed talk on history of gaming and the connection with internet service providers. He explained how internet has enabled game developers and the players to enjoy improved gaming experience over the years. He also touched on what MainOne is doing specifically in Nigeria and How everyone can benefit.

    The next speaker was Emeka Okocha (CEO uSabi Games),

    He talked about the future of gaming and the fact that they at uSabi Games, understand the current constraints of App Gaming -ie. Unreliable Network Connections & Expensive Data Plans. They listen to the Market, hence, the development of a social media platform for gamification, Socially Games, which allows them to test their new games, ideas, products, market response to Brands . They aren't about chucking games down peoples throats, but rather engaging users in a way that they are part of the building process. Because in the end, they want them to have gaming experiences that are exciting enough & keep them coming back, regardless of the size of the incentive/prizes.

    Next up was Stanley Achonu (Operations Lead BudgIT Nigeria)

    In 2015, the Nigerian economy will face major crisis due to fall in revenue due to fall in oil prices. Already govt is introducing taxes to shore up revenue. We at BudgIT, in a recent report, layout what the 2015 outlook for Nigeria is. The 2015 budget as presented to National Assembly clearly aligns with our prediction. It now remains to be seen if Govt will implement our recommendation.

    For technology, the ICT Ministry received N14bn in the 2014 budget out of a budget of over N4trillion. This shows govt's priority. Truth is that there is little direct intervention govt can make in tech. A few policy options are available to govt that can help the sector grow. Govt broadband policy must be strictly implemented. Access to Internet is almost becoming a human right around the world, Nigeria must make act quickly.

    A lot of bandwidth is laying fallow on our shores, govt must explore ways that will help these companies to make this available to citizens at affordable cost.

    This leads me to the next point. It is expensive for Internet service providers to lay fibre optics cables. The process acquiring permit and charges per metre is exorbitant. Cut bottlenecks and reduce cost of obtaining permit to allow companies to aggressively deploy this service.

    Our educational curriculum must be freed up to become innovative. Universities around the world are responding to innovations and demands of the market. Our university must start offering courses in Gaming tech, data mining, analytics, user interface design and associated subjects that are in demand.

    How are all this policies relevant to gaming? Faster and cheaper access to the Internet means that more people will have access to Internet and games that developers and designers. Our developers must begin to prepare for the demands by developing relevant games. Games can be a source foreign revenue. Cross cultural games can be purchased and played around the world. There is money to be made from advertising and product placements in games. Technology and gaming can become a major source of revenue. It can change our lives and lift the talented out of poverty.

    I hope that networks, contacts and collaborations will be made from this event and world renowned games will be born from this forum. And the last speaker from the Morning session was Sir Nelson (Creative lead Kuluya Games) Sir Nelson of Kuluya spoke about the size of the gaming industry, and how game developers can make money via in game advertising and purchases. He stated mobile gaming is the highest revenue earner for mobile devices. He also spoke about how job seeker can and should look to the gaming industry as a possible carrier path. His session also involved the launch of Kuluya’s new game ‘Afro Fighters’,

    There was a question and answers panel session after the speakers spoke, this gave room for people to voice their opinions and ask questions.


    The afternoon session was more about projects speakers were working on. Shina Ajulo of Sporedust spoke about their "Type" project, which I thought was really cool. He explained the concept and history behind the Type game and the reason they decided to do it. Kunmi of TiteBoi Entertainment spoke about the genesis of the business and the tournaments they have been organising. He also touched on connecting with gaming companies in Nigeria to organize bigger tournaments.

    Idamiebi of Sonbim Games spoke about their new game Sortables, which is an eco-friendly game, where the player is to sort trash in the right bin as they drop.

    The last session ended with an interesting and engaging Question and answers. I believe over all it was a great start to what I can became a great event and a catalyst to moving to the gaming industry in Africa forward.

    Regards, Zubair Abubakar Conference Chair

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