Innovator Builds The African Game
  • Innovator Builds The African Game

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  • An innovator, Kopano Ntsoane, has taken his childhood love of video gaming and turned it into a business when he invented a game.

    His video gaming programme Basic Block under his company Modern Gaming is slowly but surely on its way to creating the gaming epicentre of Africa with custom-made designed games and this is thanks to a hobby he turned into a profitable business.

    Ntsoane is one of the arising entrepreneurs in the tech space.

    “I am passionate about creating an impact in Africa through video games,” said Ntsoane adding that the company’s our focus was to teach children on how video game are designed.

    “My main goal is to contribute innovation and improve the current state of access to relevant gaming content.”

    He founded the Modern Gaming programme in 2013 after seeing there was a gap in what most young people and children could identify with – a game that will speak to them about what was happening or have happened on their own continent.

    His entrepreneurial journey does not end only with building games but also providing his community to place funeral notices on a website he designed called Lalangoxolo (

    Ntsoane has been part of a number of leadership programmes in South Africa which shaped the leader in him and he has been in business for the past seven years.

    Growing up, Ntsoane lived with his grandmother in the township of Kwa-Thema in Ekurhuleni.

    As a child, video-gaming was Ntsoane’s favourite pastime.

    He even turned it into the favourite pastime of the other kids in the community as they were constantly showing up to play on his Play Station 2.

    This is where the innovator in him was born, as he started charging children and his friends R10 per half-hour to play.

    “I used to be asleep and there would be knocks on the door of kids who wanted to play. Then I got up and let them in and they would offer to pay R10 for 30 minutes. And that is where it all started,” he said.

    Ntsoane’s business venture can in no time turn him into a millionaire as many people were either installing games on their phones or buying games for their children.

    The market for video games in South Africa generated revenues of R2.2 billion in 2012.

    Fueled by growth in digital and mobile gaming in particular, revenues are forecast to grow by a compound annual growth rate of nine percent to reach R3.3 billion in 2017, he said.

    Ntsoane said while the local gaming market experience has grown in recent years, the industry continues to face challenges, particularly in securing investors and the availability of talent in the country.

    “We are faced with the challenge of lack of trust from stakeholders who can partner with a lot of game development companies to complete the puzzle of building a huge industry,” he said.

    “As far as production of games is concerned we have a lot of talented game designers in South Africa. But it’s never enough.”

    Article courtesy of Thato Mahlangu

    Innovator builds the African game

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