Top 5 Highest Selling PC Games In Nigeria 2016
  • Top 5 Highest Selling PC Games In Nigeria 2016

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  • Today video games are one of the most beloved hobbies around the world. It doesn’t matter which platform you prefer – PC, Xbox, Sony Playstation, or other – there are always new releases to look forward to and new games to try. While other platforms may be incredibly popular, PC games remain on top of popularity ranks, and today you’ll discover 5 most exciting PC releases of 2016.

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    Civilization VI
    Civilization is one of the most played franchise games, and for a good reason – there are not too many games that offer the same blend of visual effects, fast pacing, and endless opportunities for exploring. The latest addition to the Civilization lineup follows the same pattern and features brand new gaming mechanics, which add even more excitement to the already thrilling city building process.

    One of the most anticipated releases of 2016, Hitman, has managed to create buzz long before its official release, when a few levels have been unexpectedly uploaded to Steam. Now that the gamers have tried the full game, the reviews are glowing: Hitman is as unexpected and intriguing as ever. You play for a top class assassin, and the most arresting thing about the game is the never ending range of assassination options.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider
    There isn’t one PC gamer who hasn’t heard about the Tomb Raider franchise and its iconic character, Lara Croft. The new installment of the series takes you and Lara on another adventure that will thrill you to the bone. Plus, Rise of the Tomb Raider has been repeatedly named the most visually stunning game of the year, which will add a new layer to your user experience

    Like any game released by Blizzard, Overwatch was met with positive reviews both from the fans and the critics, who believe it to be the top shooting game of 2016. The most interesting aspect of this game is its multiplayer mode, which will allow you and your friends to spend evenings together on one mission after another. However, the single player mode is by no means less exciting and is filled with unforgettable characters and stories.

    F1 2016
    We couldn’t finish a rating of PC games without a racing game, and F1 is by far the most memorable one. The F1 is familiar to anyone, which means you’re guaranteed to see familiar names, characters, and brands throughout the game. F1 2016 is a rather difficult game to play, but if you’re not ready for a challenge just yet, you can select an easier mode and still enjoy the breathtaking turns and stunning cars throughout the story.

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