Remedy Entertainment Reveals Roadmap For Control
  • Remedy Entertainment Reveals Roadmap For Control

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  • On 11 September 2019, Finnish video game developer Remedy Entertainment Oyj revealed the roadmap for Control, the studio’s latest video game. This announcement comes shortly after a patch was released for PlayStation 4 players that addressed issues people were having with the game, such as performance issues, audio problems and visual glitches. This patch, according to Remedy, will soon make its way on to the Xbox One and PC.

    Taking to the official Control website, Mikael Kasurinen, Game Director on Control, and Thomas Puha, Communications Director at Remedy, detailed the post-launch content that players can expect in the coming months. The list of content is detailed below.

    Photo Mode

    Firstly, the developers are working on a highly-requested feature that is becoming popular with gamers this generation: Photo Mode. In the blog post, the developers stated that “while some crafty PC players ‘unlocked’ their own versions of this already, we are working on a much-desired Photo Mode, which will enable you to take some awesome snapshots of Jesse in the Oldest House.” Despite the fact that players are able to capture images of the game on their platforms, this Photo Mode is designed specifically for the game and, like most other photo modes in other games, will include tools and editing features specific to Control. There is no launch date for Photo Mode yet, but Remedy has said that it will arrive this fall and more details about the feature will be made available soon.

    New Game Mode

    Remedy Entertainment is working on a new game mode called Expeditions. This is an end-game mode which will see protagonist Jesse Faden helping the Federal Bureau of Control’s (FBC) Security Chief Simon Arish explore the Formation and “its strange surroundings,” according to the game developer. This mode will pit the player against tough challenges, and according to Remedy, the player will need the best abilities and gear to survive. Expeditions will be released in December and will be free for all Control owners.


    Remedy plans to release “two full, paid expansions” for Control in 2020. The first expansion is titled The Foundation, and the second expansion is titled AWE. These expansions will take place in new locations in The Oldest House, the setting for the game, and will introduce new game mechanics, story missions and enemies.

    The Foundation: This first expansion will go deeper into the history of The Oldest House. The bureau’s board has requested Jesse to explore “what lies beneath the bureau as she restores order to the Foundation and The Oldest House itself,” according to Remedy. AWE: Jesse, according to Remedy, will explore the Investigations Sector, a new area in this second expansion. This sector is where the bureau examines Altered World Events, phenomena that are central to the game’s plot and its universe.

    Control was developed by Remedy Entertainment Oyj and published by 505 Games and was released on 27 August 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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