Sony Has Now Sold 100 Million PS4 Consoles
  • Sony Has Now Sold 100 Million PS4 Consoles

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  • We’ve seen a number of companies release earnings reports for either the second quarter of 2019 or the first half of the year. Joining the former camp is Sony with the Japanese firm delving into the latest numbers for its gaming division. To that end it has surpassed the significant milestone of selling more than 100 million PS4 consoles.

    This was confirmed in a quarterly report (PDF) ending 30th June 2019, with the company sitting at the 96.8 million PS4 console sales mark at the end of the previous quarter. It’s also the fastest selling home console to hit the 100 million mark, with it taking five years and seven months to do so.

    For a bit of context Sony took less than three years to pass the 50 million mark, which shows that sales of the console have remained relatively steady.

    This is made all the more impressive as the number of consumers who have the ability to purchase a PS4 console is limited, especially with PC gaming continuing to hold strong, and mobile gaming growing significantly in popularity.

    All this bodes well for Sony’s shareholders, who will no doubt be as eager to see the PlayStation 5 launch as consumers will. With Microsoft also working on its own next-gen offering currently codenamed Project Scarlett, the next-gen console wars are set to ignite once again.

    In the interim though, it remains to be seen if Sony is planning to release a limited edition version of the PS4, as it has done for other landmarks and milestone’s in the gaming division’s history.

    With the PS5 expected to be the most expensive PlayStation console to date, it should be interesting to see if the same fanfare surrounds its release, as it did for the PS4. If it does, then Sony may have more sales records on its hands.

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