Dementia Care: Expert Reveals How Games Can Help People Battling Dementia
  • Dementia Care: Expert Reveals How Games Can Help People Battling Dementia

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  • DEMENTIA CARE: A dementia diagnosis can be a scary prospect, as people expect the disease to rapidly diminish quality of life. But spoke to one expert who believes playing games can help patients still live fulfilling lives.

    “It’s important to try and find new ways to keep them engaged and as a result, create many moments of happiness.

    “Recent technological advancements and research means we are living in age of real breakthrough when it comes to dementia care, finding new ways to ensure that people with dementia can live high quality lives, and this can be from the simplest of ideas to latest innovations.” According to Ramsay, introducing games into the everyday activities of people living with dementia has been proven to improve cognitive, social and physical wellbeing.

    Games, Ramsay says, can create a stimulating environment, which can help patients experience humour, optimism, awareness and self-confidence.

    “The most important factor when playing games with people who are on their dementia journey is the surrounding environment.

    “Agitation is a very common characteristic of dementia, as there is a sudden unawareness of where they are, and why they’re there – which can be very stressful.

    “Therefore, it’s important to create a collaborative and motivational environment to keep engagement levels high and stress levels low.”

    When choosing a game to play with dementia patients, it’s important to note what stage of their dementia journey they are at, as not all games will be suitable.

    Games suitable for people with early stage dementia include those involving upheaval, challenge and exploration.

    “There are three parts of the brain that continue to work when someone has dementia: relaxation, sensory stimulation and reminiscence,” said Ramsay.

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