Gofund "Throne Of Gods" On GoFundMe
  • Gofund "Throne Of Gods" On GoFundMe

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  • Black Ring is a start-up indie game developing studio based in Nigeria presently consisting of two self thought game developers Ali Akdogan and Iruo Unuso. Their first project "Throne Of Gods" is an epic fighting game based on African mythology, and they need your help to complete this project.

    Earlier on Africgames caught up with Ali Akdogan of Black Ring games for a quick chat about how their project was going and what we should be expecting from the Black Ring team.

    Africgames : Who are Black Ring ?
    Ali : Black Ring is a start-up indie game developing studio based in Nigeria presently consisting of two people and Throne of gods is our first project.

    Africgames : What is Throne of Gods ?
    Ali : Throne of gods is an epic 3d fighting game based on African mythology presently developed for mobile devices. where we get to see and play as Africa's most powerful and dangerous gods, goddesses , monsters and demons.

    Africgames : How did you develop Throne Of Gods ?
    Ali : It was developed by just two people(Akdogan Ali and Iruo umusu) with tools such as Unity3d along side other 3d animation and design tools such as Adobe Photoshop , premiere pro , zbrush, 3dsmax. It took us over two years to create the game but we went public with the development early this year.

    Africgames : How did you come up with the idea ?
    Ali : I had this idea many years ago but was not based on African myth ...it was supposed to be an animated movie called " The Throne". But it was too big a dream for me to execute. so I dropped it all.. until the evolution of mobile games. I realized it was possible and decided to give it a shot once again.

    Africgames : How much are you trying to raise ?
    Ali : we're aiming at a $100,000 which will be used to acquire all that's needed in completing the full game. And the duration in doing so.

    Africgames : Who should support BlackRing ?
    Ali : Anyone with a flare for interactive entertainment, Art, gaming, or African mythology and culture. This is what Black Ring Stands for.

    Africgames : Is Throne of Gods a console , pc, or Mobile game ?
    Ali : Its presently being developed for mobile devices ...but possibilities can always be considered.

    Africgames : Who are your target audience ?
    Ali : From teens to the middle aged adults

    Africgames : What will the raised funds be used for ?
    Ali : It will be used to complete the full version of the game. Such as hiring a bigger team to handle the various fields such as Art, Animation,design, sound effect, music, user interface, programming, character voice overs. This will also cover for the various professional working tools required in developing the full game and also the duration of the process which will take a few months.

    Africgames : when can we expect the complete game ?
    Ali : The full game is highly dependent on our supporters but we are looking at a duration of six months after.
    br> Africgames : Any other thing we should know about throne of gods?
    Ali : umm well, this is just the kick off ....there's alot more waiting to breakout...eheh!

    Africgames : Thank you for your time Ali and Good luck to you and the BlackRing Team
    Ali : Thank you

    Download the "Throne Of Gods" Demo here

    To support the Black Ring "Throne of Gods" movement please visit their GoFundMe page and give at Throne Of Gods

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