Africa: Cameroonian Gaming Company Goes Big With Hollywood Film Deal
  • Africa: Cameroonian Gaming Company Goes Big With Hollywood Film Deal

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  • Where do you take a creative intellectual property after conquering the video game medium? Why to film, of course. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan released in early 2016 on the Steam platform for PC will be adapted into an animated feature film by Hollywood company Good Fear Film, Kiro'o Games Founder and CEO Madiba Olivier has confirmed.

    After the Cameroon-based developer found success with its inaugural video game venture, it sought to expand the reach of the Aurion property. "We thought of doing a film adaptation when working on the game," Olivier says. "Jack Weiner, one of the managers of Good Fear Film, said they appreciated the originality of our title, which is what motivated them to reach out to us to discuss the possibility of making an animated film adaptation."

    The artistic divide between the interactive medium of gaming and Hollywood cinema has not been lost on Olivier. The challenge of appealing to the games' target audience with the film was not underestimated, either. "Video game and cinema are not the same - the game's target audience was children aged 10 years old, to adults. We don't know if the film audience will be the same but Good Fear Film is a professional team and, together we will adapt the project accordingly."

    With Good Fear Film driving the production of the project, Kiro'o Games' involvement, while minimal, remains essential. By offering valuable input on narrative and design choices, the studio will ensure familiarity between the artistic direction of the video game with the film. "We (Kiro'o Games) can't be very much involved, but Jack Weiner wants us to be. We will also provide clarification on certain symbolic moments of the story."

    Olivier's hopes for the Aurion property and Kiro'o Games includes expansion into additional mediums. "Our long-term plans include production of comic books and cartoons based on Aurion. We hope the film is well received by fans and that it brings more awareness to our work and company."

    With the film project still in its infancy, Kiro'o Games has set its sights on bringing the Aurion video game to a wider audience. "Currently we are working on console versions of Aurion (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), as well as a release for mobile platforms," Olivier says.

    "We have other future projects we cannot discuss yet, but will share when they are ready."

    Author : Andre van Wyk

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