Tanzania: Boy (6) Creates Computer Game
  • Tanzania: Boy (6) Creates Computer Game

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  • The six-year-old child, Ethan Yona, a first grader, launched an android app that features a superhero character called Ethan Man who talks about his ambitions.

    He launched the App at Jakata Kikwete play ground at Kidongo Chekundu during celebrations to mark the Day of the African Child.

    The character that is based on himself is super talented, writes inspirational books, creates learning games and takes kids on multi learning journeys.

    Speaking with journalists yesterday during the launch, Ethan's mother, Irene Kiwia clarified that Ethan started working on this project when he was a five-year-old kindergarten pupil as a result of his passion for games and learning.

    She said, as the mother she was so impressed and started to find the company that would enable him to attain his ambition and she managed to find a consultant company that deals in education technology, i-Learn East Africa which created the first animated book known as "When I Grow Up.

    " She added that the App EthanMan is available for downloads on android play store whereby kids will be able to read books, play games and keep up with the EthanMan creator, Ethan Yona.

    "He has been very energetic, enjoys learning new things and loves playing games. One day he told us that he would like to create his own superhero character based on his qualities," she said.

    She added that the boy said he is a super talented who can be anything he wants to be, like a football player, a rock star, an engineer and so on and that's how the idea of a super hero character came about."

    The Managing Director at i-Learn East Africa, Noelah Ntukamazina, said: "We were so excited to work with Ethan on this project. It was fascinating that such a young kid would want to do such a big thing. "We wanted to be a part of it from the word go.

    Being an educational consulting company we saw the learning potential that this project will impart in children. Ethan's contribution in designing the book is admirable."

    Also the Chief Executive Officer of Tujenge Tech, said that was involved in the supporting Ethan's initiative. Mr Joseph Singano said: "When we were approached to develop EthanMan games and the app that will house the games and books, we were thrilled."

    "Being a part of such an extraordinary project was what got us into technology to start with. Our role was to integrate the EthanMan character and his many talents into a platform that will be easy to access and create a great user experience for kids," he added.

    The Head of Corporate Affairs at Tigo Mobile Company that was among the sponsors of the Africa Child celebration, Woinde Shisael, said that her company is impressed with the innovative mindset of children and promised to continue supporting them.

    Article By Lee R for Tanzania Daily News

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