• Remedy Entertainment Reveals Roadmap For Control

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  • On 11 September 2019, Finnish video game developer Remedy Entertainment Oyj revealed the roadmap for Control, the studio’s latest video game. This announcement comes shortly after a patch was released for PlayStation 4 players that addressed issues people were having with the game, such as performance issues, audio problems and visual glitches. This patch, according to Remedy, will soon make its way on to the Xbox One and PC.

    Taking to the official Control website, Mikael Kasurine...

  • SA Developers Are Using A Deep-learning Engine To Figure Out Who Will Win In The Rugby World Cup – And Their Robot Thinks The All Blacks Will Thrash T

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  • South African AI and deep-learning developers who have a big office betting pool on the Rugby World Cup started wondering if they can predict the winner.

    They ended up creating Ruggerbot, a prediction engine that uses historical data and a range of factors to figure out which team is likely to win a match – and by how much.

    Ruggerbot thinks the Springboks will win three of its first four matches by big margins, but will be in trouble against New...

  • How Ethiopia’s BeBlocky Is Gamifying Learning To Code For Thousands Of Kids

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  • Ethiopian startup BeBlocky has developed a gamified learn-to-code app for children that has already been downloaded 2,500 times since its launch in June.

    Formed in 2018 and formally launched on Google Play three months ago, BeBlocky is a gamified programming learning mobile app for kids aged between seven and 14, which presents code concepts in graphical puzzle-style programming blocks designed to look attractive to children.

    Users simply drag and drop to...

  • Apple Arcade Could Boost Ranks Of Video Game Players

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  • Apple Arcade's entry into online games with a low-cost subscription plan is expected to bring a fresh set of consumers into gaming and potentially reshape the multibillion-dollar market.

    Apple Arcade, which launches Thursday, rides a trend of video games played by subscribers instead of purchased as downloads or disks, and its $4.99 monthly price could wind up boosting ranks of players.

    “My hunch is that it’s a good thing for the market overall,” said NP...

  • Sony Acquires Video Game Developer Insomniac Games

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  • On 19 August 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that the company has acquired internationally acclaimed video game development company Insomniac Games.

    The official PlayStation Twitter account delivered the news to fans, saying: “Big news: Insomniac Games is joining PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios! We are honoured and thrilled to join forces with this legendary developer. Please join us in congratulating our friends and partners at Insomniac!” The official Insomn...