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Introduction is a mobile and PC gaming platform created for developers looking to target and work in the growing African gaming industry. is open to all developers. will aim to create a place where gaming enthusiast can see games developers from around the world, Play games and learn about games development. Through, we aim to bridge the gap between African game developers and players, whilst creating a platform where African games developers can be seen from around the world. will be the place to talk about up-coming gaming events in the region, New games releases, game development webinars,Tournaments, news and much more, giving game enthusiast a full 360 gaming experience that has never been experienced in the region before.

UPLOADING YOUR GAMES / How to Upload Games is currently accepting HTML and Flash games and Android games.
Games uploaded on will normally go through a 2 day verification period before it is seen on
User must be registered and logged in to submit games.
User must choose just one between Flash or Html fields.

Game Title:Name of the Game
Title Alias:To be left blank
Game Type:Selection of the game genre or category
Game Genre:Desktop or Mobile Gaming
Game Description:Short description about your game
Tags:Keywords you believe people might you to search on search engines

Is used when you want to upload a flash game. Just click on the Flash Icon under the 'Flash' Tab to browse for the flash game file on your pc.

Used to insert the game art image. Accepted formats are jpg & Png files.

This tab will only be used if user wants to submit an HTML game. The HTML code is to be pasted in the textfield provided under the tab.

To upload your android games, please attach your APK file to the submission form via Select game button.

Why Upload your game on

Easy distribution will create a channel for African developed games to be seen and accesses easily by gaming enthusiast. We feel in order to grow the African gaming industry. African developers need a home where they can be found easily. Any games developers wishing to use, all you have to do is register and upload your game for verification.


As your game becomes popular on, so will your earning increase. To begin with will generate revenue through the sale of advertising space on our website. As time goes on we will aim to introduce in game advertising and in game spending.

Community Engagement

Here at, building a strong community matters. We firmly believe gaming is more interesting when it being done as a group and everyone involved has a certain level of interaction with others. This is why on users will have the opportunity to comment on games they have played, Take part in competitions and also be kept up to date with the latest news coming out of the entertainment and technology industry.

Developer focused is made to showcase African developers working from every part of the world. We here to motivate developers to create more games and better game, we are here to help you promote your games, advertise your gaming event and connect you to the world. If you have a question or need any help, a member of the Africgames team is always here to help.

Other reasons to publish on

  • Analytics (data and Statistic for your games)
  • Beta Testing
  • User Acquisition
  • Publicity (get seen)
  • Marketing Promotion

Africgames aims to deliver our users with the latest games releases from around the world. we are always willing to partner with developers and help them promote their games, raise finance and provide any services needed to help developers succeed in the gaming industry.

Featured games and New Hot games

The best time to get a new player is when they are actively looking for a game. Apart from the category and tag services we provide, we promote games to players in key areas of the site through our Featured and New games tab. New Hot games on the Africgames platform will be selected based on the date the game was uploaded. The New Hot games category with be occupied by new games less than 2 weeks old and have received more than 3.5 star ratings.

Promotions and Partnership with

Any developer wishing to partner with will be able to benefit from services such as:

  • Home Page Advertising of new games
  • Emails to registered users on upcoming events, new games releases, and updates./li>
  • Included in our newsletter as well as the use of our social media to promote our partners.
  • Take part in WAGE events.
  • Interview with media partners
  • Marketing through WAGE events
  • Competition and prizes give away.


By uploading your games on to, developers are entitled to 30% of total revenue generated on their games. Developers who decides to only upload their games on are entitled to another 10% of total revenue generated on their games. Developers looking to partner with will be entitled to another 10% of total revenue generated via their games, making it possible for developers to earn up to 50% of revenue generated on their games.

Content Ownership Verification

First, it must be a game. Africgames does not allow Flash movies, regardless of how great they might be. There has to be some level of interaction with the player. Although we’re still in the process of establishing specific guidelines for acceptable content, obscene, pornographic, and hateful material are not allowed and never will be. Most importantly, uploaded games (including all components of games, such as audio) must be your original work or work you have permission to upload from the owner. Africgames has absolutely no tolerance for uploading stolen content. Violators of this policy will automatically receive a one-week ban without warning on the first offense, and a permanent ban on the second.


After the total ad revenue from all of your games combined reaches 25.00 USD (or higher for non-PayPal options), your account will enter a 30-day verification period at the end of the month. After this period has ended and your account has been cleared of any fraudulent activity, we will pay you through your choice of PayPal, Bank Transfer, or a physical check. Payments are made once a month. If a monthly pay period ends and your account has less than $25, your balance will roll over to the next month. This rollover process will continue until your account reaches $25.

Revenue Generation methods

Online web based Advertising (Yes)

Please not games with In game spending, In game Advertising API's are not accepted on


Because AfricGames shares revenue directly with developers, we cannot accept game submissions that include third party ad integrations like CPMStar.


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