The view ahead is kind of blurry. My fuel gauge and engine temperature both reading critical values. We are going to crush. But I am not going down without a fight. Ammunition? Ready. Lock! Houston we have visual. Right ahead is the finish line, less than 2 miles away. I have to finish first. Load the guns and lets turn this race to a parking lot, flatten all the other racers. This is aerial war redefined. Fire ! Fire ! Fire ! three enemy planes down. Two more to go. The one just ahead of me is a war machine 001, the best gunship around I have to take it down before it blows me up. 3.. 2.. 1 fire! One more left. This is it. Just half a mile to the finish line. I can’t fire this close. Checking my nitrous level, yes we are good to go. Boost! And we cruise past the remaining jet. Nothing can stop me now. Are you ready for the ultimate aerial wars? Are you brave enough to take up the challenge ? Look no further download this app for extreme entertainment. Many will play the game but few will survive.

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