Ninjas Ninjas and more ninjas. Am talking Ninja Stickmen and Stickwomen! Its time to fight to protect the only carrots left on earth. And there is only 1, only 1 way to protect, You have to kill your way through to victory. Kill your way to success, and be crowned a true Ninja stickman, a ninja Warrior. In its attempts to end world Hunger, the World Hope Organization genetically alters the structure of a carrot. The results? A powerful carrot that can feed many. Hunger is no longer a problem, and all seems well. But oh now oh no. A secrete society of Shadow Demons realizes that the Super Carrot, combined with a chemical of their own, and ingested, gives super powers to its eaters. This is a new breakthrough that they did not anticipate. And so, they decide to go silent on it. With this new Knowledge and power, they plan to feed the carrots to millions of chosen ninjas and use them to take over the world. Their main goal being to control the world economy and all its resources, and they are willing to kill to this. The world hope organization receives info on these activities and immediately begins efforts to recall back all carrots, as they are unfit for human consumption. It takes time and effort but they are determined. After endless efforts, they manage to collect back all carrots. And not, the brutal and intense process of protecting these carrots has begun. They gather the best in security. They gather all the resources they can possibly get hold of. As one thing is clear. The Ninjas will come for the carrots, and they need to be prepared for the worst, else blood will be shed. The last requirement on their list, a security person. And that's where you come in. The World Help Organization assigns you with the task of protecting the carrots. You are the onsite security person. And at your disposal, are various guns, bullets and smart booby traps. These are your defense mechanism. You use the gun, sniper and rifle to shoot down any ninjas who get too close to your carrots. Its a shoot to kill. No mercy, no sympathy. The booby traps are there to help you catch the ninjas unawares. Set and reload traps as the ninjas approach and have the chance to laugh at the ninjas as they get caught in the booby traps. This is a new form of war, aimed towards protecting carrots on earth. Are you ready? Are you a ninja warrior? Are you a stickman warrior? Are you brave enough? The time is now. The ninjas are here. Get your traps ready and your attention on your screen for only you can protect the carrots from these carrot eating stickmen. To your advantage, you have at your disposal, a green stickman who will work with you to keep the carrots safe. He is on your side. He is also a trained warrior in martial arts and will use these skills to protect the carrots with you. Download the game and have a blast!! Its all shooting , load and reload of traps till all the carrots are protected. Welcome on board ninja, welcome on board green Stickman,welcome warrior, welcome carrot protector. Nothing will stop the ninjas not even the weather. This is carrot war redefined! Lets do this!!

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