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Fight Darkest Battles In The Latest Offline Platformer Action Game of 2019 **Offline Single Player Campaign Mode You are a sorcerer stickman and you are to embark on a dark adventure in order to collect powerful objects from scary mortal monsters to complete a ritual that will stop an apocalypse that is about to end your world. - Interesting Storyline - Simple Controls and Gameplay - Blast Fireball from your hands - Feel unlimited power - Be a monster hunter - Face Evil IN EPIC Boss Fights - Become Mortal or kombat your way out - you decide your fate **Battle Royal - Magic Brawl Mode Stickman Fight - Magic Brawl is the hottest offline game from our stickman fighting series, Use 5 different types of stickman magic Brawl the stars till you are the last man standing Battle Till you Become The Apex Legend Avoid Death Traps Unlock All Trophies And Challenge your Friends Fight your way to the Top

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