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App Rush meets arkanoid and breakout in thisaddictive classic brick breaker with an awesome and geekytwist. ''Anti-viruses are digital armies of elite hunter robots fightingviruses to keep the computer world clean. But what happens when therobots can't access an extremely polluted and corrupt area? Theysend in drones, the Burster Drones'' Play as Anti-Virus, pilot your drones and Burst your way throughcomplex series of virus formations clustering partitions andfolders. HOW TO PLAY Touch the bottom part of the screen to control the drone, move theBurster Drone left or right, try not to loose the ball. Break allchips and burst all viruses to complete a level. TIPS ●Touch the screen to fire the ball ●Hit power-ups to unlock special weapons at random ●Hit cyber bomb to cause horizontal blasts ●Hit multi ball to create more balls ●AVOID virus bombs! FEATURES ● Experience the classic brick breaker gameplay like Arkanoid andbreakout in stunning 3D graphics and enchanting music! ● Unique power-ups ● Play as 3 different anti-virus drones with unique weapons ● See the computer world through the eyes of the anti-virus ● Lots of challenging levels with more coming soon! ● Fight a boss every 9 level ● Fast paced and extremely addictive ● Get 3 stars on each level and get plasma gold! ● Connect with Facebook, invite friends and post your scores! ● Compete with friends on Google play leaderboards ● Complete tasks to unlock achievements ● Tweet your score ● More features to come!

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