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The Lions are asleep. They have been asleep for too long. The Spirits of Africa sought an end to this. Thus, they split a piece from themselves and created the first two Mzitos’. The Mzitos’ were blessed with all the potential of Africa. Tasked with the duty of awakening the Sleeping Lions. The Mzitos’ must travel all over Africa and use the skills blessed upon them to spread the new awakening. The awakening of the sleeping Lions.Mzito is a 2D Endless platformer adventure game for mobile platforms. You play as one of the two Mzitos and go on an epic journey to save Africa Follow The Mzito Development Blog at : Mzito Mzito PressKit : PressKit Facebook: Mzito Facebook page Twitter: @Mzito_Dev Instragram : @mzito_dev About : Mzito About Page Contact us : Mzito Contact Page Development Blog : Development Blog

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